Sep 12, 2016

Dear Sirs/Madame

Hearty Greetings from Navraj Educational and Charitable Trust to one and all.

Our earnest thanks to the Academicians, Research Scholars, Business and Corporate Professionals and not but the least, the Students for sheer and splendid support to successfully accomplish all our programmes till recent.

The trust has decided to host a National Level Paper Presentation Contest on the theme “Global Leaders – The Indian Way” on Saturday, November 12, 2016. In this regard we whole heartedly invite your incredible presentation and knowledge sharing which shall benefit all.

The contest will certainly be a great quantum of leap in the transmission of knowledge across every section of society. All our efforts with commitment and dedication could shower light, gear up and accelerate the economic activities flawlessly. Every individual member in the field of Management thus has a vital role to play in this aspect and hence, the event has been decided to be hosted by us.

We strongly trust that your lively participation will enrich and enlighten the academic and intellectual content during the course of the event in tandem with the opening of new perspectives in the management arena.

Enclosed is our contest brochure, registration form and other requisite information for your kind perusal.

The organizing team, associate members anticipate your participation and support for the event to happen in a grand manner.

With best wishes and regards

Ever Sincerely Yours

Team Navraj

National Level Paper Presentation Contest - 2016

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